CAISON brand PVC pigment paste

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Keywords:pvc pigment paste , pvc color paste , pvc coloring paste
Origin:Made In China
Brand:CU-5000 Black

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Company NameShanghai Caison Color Material Chem.Co.,Ltd
Country/Region:Shang Hai - China
Business Nature:Manufacturer
Contact:Tony Peng Director
Last Online:21 Dec, 2018
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Product Description

CAISON brand PVC pigment paste for PVC tinting

Why should you choose PVC color paste for PVC sheet coloring?

For the company development, Shanghai Caison Chairman and founder Mrs Xingzhi Yu will endorse the new pigment paste product---PVC color paste, which is professional for PVC plastic products coloring. So why should you choose CAISON brand PVC color paste for PVC sheet coloring?  The following is your reasons for choosing us:
1. Excellent temperature resistance: CAISON brand PVC color paste is designed for coloring PVC sheet during the sheet processing, it can meet the high temperature processing requirement. The temperature resistance of PVC color paste can exceed 200°C;
2. Safety:  design and production of CAISON brand PVC pigment color paste is based on the similar foreign pigment paste products. It is firstly used in imported automotive interior PVC sheet coloring. Its safety meets the environmental standard of automotive interior materials; 
3. High color strength: pigment particles are so fine, has better coloring strength than pigment powder. The particle size of CAISON brand PVC color paste is less than 10 micron, less color paste is needed to put during the PVC sheet processing, it is almost dereased by 30% than pigment powder. So it is not only reduce coloring costs but also prevent the change of inherent mechanical properties of PVC sheet.

4. Good weatherability: we choose excellent weathering organic pigments for PVC color paste producing. Polymeric organic pigments can form a resonant structure with PVC sheet products, it just likes the principle of similar materials clustering. So its weatherability is better than inorganic pigment PVC color paste on the market.
5. Convenience: when users operate CAISON brand PVC plate color paste for PVC coloring,  there is no pigment dust pollution, is also no vacuum absorption masterbatch needed. Users just prepare the materials ratio and put into process according to the requirement. We can design the special package for clean and easy opreation.
6. Zero VOC: no any organic volatile substances in the formula of PVC pigment color paste.So it is zero VOC product.

So now, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this series PVC sheet coloring pigment color paste.

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