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Company NameShanghai Caison Color Material Chem.Co.,Ltd
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Product Description

CD-0007 Fluorescent Violet Textile Dip Dyeing Pigment paste

CAISON CD series environment friendly textile one-bath dip dyeing water-based pigment paste is new product developed by us, professionally used for different components and forms fabric. Compared with the traditional pigment paste, process is simpler, no need for cationic pretreatment of yarn or fabric, one-bath dyeing directly, without leveling agent; saving dyeing time, reducing material consumption costs, reducing water & electronic consumption and wastewater discharge, it's an energy-saving and environmental protection dyeing process.

Features of CD series pigment paste.

  1. Applicable ranges: cotton﹑linen﹑ polyester﹑ acrylic and so on; or yarn, fabric and garment;
  2. Cationic (grafting) pretreatment is not needed for dyed fabric, process is shorter, dyeing is simpler;
  3. Compared with traditional pigment paste, dyeing fully, the dyed color is uniformity, color of drain is so light or colorless;
  4. Dyeing with the matched adhesive, the fastness fully meets or exceeds the modified dyeing of traditional pigment dispersion;
  5. The same as traditional pigment paste, CD series pigment dispersion can be used for dyeing secondly cooperated with dyes.

If any question ro demand of pigment dispersion, please feel free to contact us.

Shanghai Caison Color Material Chem. Co.,Ltd. We are a professional manufacturer of eco-friendly water based pigment color paste in China for more than 10years. Our pigment color paste is one kind of high concentrate pigment dispersion, which can be used for textile printing and dyeing, coloring and tinting of paints, coatings, woods, paper, ink, fiberglass, cement, leather, latex balloon or gloves and other goods with water based coloring system.

Also we can provide thermochromic pigment paste for printing or coating on surface of some required materials to achieve color changing by temperature changes.
At last, we can supply you matched eco-friendly water based acrylic binder for textile printing or dyeing.

If any question or demand, please feel free to contact us. I will offer you our best service and quality products.

~Why does the sale of CAISON White pigment paste grow strongly?
2015, so many customers are complaining about the bad macroeconomic environment and difficult to do business now, but one color of pigment paste is one single show from three hundred color types, and trend grows by 21.6%, that is our “Baymax”, eco-friendly water based pigment paste CAISON CTH-4010 White.
Why is CAISON white pigment paste so popular?
Firstly, it is product performance.
1. High solid content and no fillers. It ensures the hiding power and purity.
The solid content of CAISON CTH-4010 White reaches up to 65%, that's not easy for normal pigment paste producing, and we don't put any other filler into it to keep the product quality and ensure the super hiding power.
nearly half of adding amount, but the whiteness and covering power is still better than other white pigment paste in markets.
2. High quality materials and exquisite craft----High temperature resistance to 180℃.
CAISON CTH-4010 White is produced by super quality titanium dioxide and imported auxiliaries, coupled with advanced producing technology, creating a higher whiteness, and non-yellowing happens when hot pressing at 180℃.

3. Excellent environmental performance, no worries when customer uses it.
The various environmental index of CAISON CTH-4010 White pigment paste meets Oeko-Tex100,Reach Regulations and many other safety standards (such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, APEO, phthalates, etc.). it conforms to exporting standards of the Europe and America, and is sold at home and abroad, no complaint of environmental issues.

Secondly, it is product price.  CAISON insists on better quality with cheaper price. The unit price of CAISON CTH-4010 White in 20Kg packing is just USD3.3/Kg FOB SHANGHAI. and better price on bigger quantity. This makes CAISON "Baymax" has a large number of loyal fans, everyone knows it and sales is climbing day and day.
Thirdly, it is wide application ranges.  CAISON CTH-4010 White pigment paste is expanded to so many applications by our customers:
 1. Daily washing products
 2. Rubber paste whitening
 3. Fabric coating
 4. Textile printing
 5. Latex tinting
 6. Architectural coatings
 7. Etc.
Now if you want to know more about CAISON White pigment paste, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask sample for trying.


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