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Company NameShanghai Caison Color Material Chem.Co.,Ltd
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Product Description

CTH Series Pigment Violet  color paste for Textile Printing

Applicable Range of liquid pigment color paste:

These products are applicable to printing and dyeing of cotton, linen, polyester, acrylic and various blend fabric.

Characteristics of violet pigment color paste:

∆. Conform to Oeko-Tex100-2016 (II) Standard of International Association for Research & Testing in the field of Textile Ecology (contents restriction of formaldehyde and heavy metal, APEO, phthalates and 24 kinds of prohibited aromatic amines);

∆. Conform to National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Products GB18401-2010(except fluorescence series products);

∆.  Complete chromatogram, stable compatibility, high percentage of solid, high tinting strength;

∆. CTH-x00x series have excellent performances of sunlight fastness, heat proof quality and ironing resistance;

It is a colorful world that we live in. Everything we lay our hands on has colors. People want their items to look good and colors on them to last long.This requires textile makers to use high quality colorants for printing and dyeing.

CAISON has been meeting this need for years by supplying a wide selection of colorfast pigment paste and pigment ink. Our product catalogue includes a myriad of colors, such as the eco-friendly fluorescent pigment color paste, resin-free water-based pigment paste, and the printing ink.

Incepted in early 2005, CAISON is a private enterprise that is transformed from a well-known solvent-based ink manufacturer. Over 8 years of development, we have built a 5600-square-meter working, R&D and storage base in Shanghai, a metropolis with clean environment and convenient transport system. To reduce manufacturing cost, CAISON moves its production to Gaoyou City of Jiangsu Province, where our 20,000-square-meter manufacturing base is located. Presently
CAISON is quickly emerging as a leading manufacturer of premium pigment paste and printing ink. With reliable colorants and professional service, CAISON sales hit a record high of 10 million USD.

At CAISON, you can find a broad range of coloring products. Available in more than 100 colors, some of our water-based pigment pastes are prepared for textile printing use while others serving the pad dyeing and exhaust dyeing industry. We
also produce nearly 50 types of special pigment pastes for customers who need them to color their liquid latex or water-based paint. For gravure or letterpress printing applications, we offer roughly 100 kinds of printing inks.
In addition, we bring new colors to the market on an annual basis.

At CAISON, there is an unceasing effort to strive for excellence and innovation.Headquartered in Shanghai, the company has developed a nationwide sales network and is actively expanding its business overseas. We put customer satisfaction as our number one priority and are looking forward to your cooperation.

This afternoon, the Shanghai Caison Meeting Room is very lively, all departments: domestic sales dept., international trade dept., purchasing dept., technology dept., Operations dept., gather in the room to discuss the advantages and features of our water based pigment paste, and the benefits from our pigment paste after customers’ using, technical department has made a good start:

1.Clients use our textile printing and dyeing pigment paste, can get stability quality, ten years color control ⊿E <1, don’t worry about the color difference between each batch. When customers choose Shanghai Caison Color  pigment paste, they are free from worry!

2.Shanghai Caison Color is always focus on the safe and environmental protection of pigment paste, the safety indicators of water based pigment paste has been leading in the industry. One man t-shirt needs only seven grams pigment paste to finish the dyeing. If pigment paste security does not reach  eco-friendly standards, it will result in the customers’ lost, you know the t-shirt is several times value of pigment paste. When clients choose Shanghai Caison Color pigment paste, they can relax themselves.

3.Shanghai Caison Color promises to reply the clients’ complaint within 24 hours, customers choose Shanghai Caison Color pigment paste, it’s comfortable!

Purchasing Manager Chen spoke:

4.Raw materials purchasing of Shanghai Caison Color executes strict quality control, is the most stringent buyers in the industry, the most stringent of organic pigments、additives、 solvent、packaging, the additives are almost all imported, this makes ensure the quality of water-based pigment color paste!

Operations Mrs Yu speaking,

5. Our daily stock models are more than 150, and plus all kinds of specifications, the models of water-based pigment paste are more than 400, we can ship the goods at the same day when the order is listed. The goods can arrive Jiangsu, Zhejiang next day, logistics transportation, courier services!

Other executives words:

6. Shanghai Caison Color make ERP management, the purpose is scientific management to manage product inventory;

7. For ISO9002 Quality System, Shanghai Caison Color does twice internal audit a year and once external audit a year, the purpose is to ensure the product quality of pigment paste and assure enterprise security operating.

8. Every batch pigment paste, Shanghai Caison workers expend more than ten hours on fine grinding with auto machines, the earnest hard works of two-shift workers to ensure stable quality pigment paste and colors bright.

9. Currently, an international luxury brand company are using our water-based pigment paste. Many well-known cosmetic companies in China use Shanghai Caison pigment paste, some numbers of well-known home textiles enterprises choose CAISON brand water based pigment paste, they say:” Choose Shanghai Caison, you don’t worry anything”!

10.Shanghai Casion Color provides special customized colors paste service !

11. Colors of all of pigment paste from Shanghai Caison are more than 200, we can compound all 1800 colors of Pantone color.

Despite the cold winter outdoors, we actively communicate and the atmosphere is so warm. The marketing discussion of Shanghai Caison Color lets everyone here can do their business with higher confidence!


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