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Product Description

CD-1120 Bright Red Pigment Dispersion for Textile Dyeing

CAISON CD series environment friendly textile one-bath dyeing water-based pigment dispersion is new product developed by us, professionally used for different components and forms fabric. Compared with the traditional pigment paste, process is simpler, no need for cationic pretreatment of yarn or fabric, one-bath dyeing directly, without leveling agent; saving dyeing time, reducing material consumption costs, reducing water & electronic consumption and wastewater discharge, it's an energy-saving and environmental protection dyeing process.

Features of CD series pigment dispersion.

  1. Applicable ranges: cotton﹑linen﹑ polyester﹑ acrylic and so on; or yarn, fabric and garment;
  2. Cationic (grafting) pretreatment is not needed for dyed fabric, process is shorter, dyeing is simpler;
  3. Compared with traditional pigment paste, dyeing fully, the dyed color is uniformity, color of drain is so light or colorless;
  4. Dyeing with the matched adhesive, the fastness fully meets or exceeds the modified dyeing of traditional pigment dispersion;
  5. The same as traditional pigment paste, CD series pigment dispersion can be used for dyeing secondly cooperated with dyes.

If any question ro demand of pigment dispersion, please feel free to contact us.

What conditions an excellent pigment paste manufacturer should have?
An excellent water based pigment paste manufacturer should have:
1.    Pigment paste needs grinding and dispersing, requires professional dispersed equipment. An excellent pigment paste manufacturer should have several kinds of dispersed equipment. And Shanghai Caison has more than 10kinds these equipment: high-speed disperser, low-speed disperser, disk disperser, paddle disperser, uniaxial disperser, biaxial disperser, disc bead mill,  rod bead mill, vertical bead mill, horizontal bead mill;

 2. The raw materials adding amount should be strictly controlled in production of water     based pigment paste, requires highly accurate weighing system and different weight sensing system.

3. The production of water based pigment paste needs transports and shut -off from pumps and valves. According to the different kinds products, require to match different types pumps, such as gear pumps, screw pumps, vane pump, air pump, electric pump and so on. Different valves are: closing valves, ball valves, check valves, pressure relief valve, shunt valve and etc.

 4. Strict quality control testing equipment must be required for water based pigment paste manufacturer.
  .Pigment paste fineness testing: microscope, particle size distribution analyzer, fineness scraper;
  .Pigment paste color strength and color detection: color measurement instrument;
  .Limited substances content controlling of pigment paste: gas chromatograph;
  .Strict weighting of pigment paste formulation: millionth libra;
  . For the pigment paste testing in so wide application range, the laboratory should  be equipped with different instruments for application data collection and analysis, such as Rotational viscometer, Ford cup; rubbing fastness instrument , Hot-pressing machine; oven; shocks instrument; centrifuge; different standard light source;

 Water based pigment paste manufacturer involved so much formulation and raw material management, ERP management method is very important to the water based pigment paste enterprise. Shanghai Caison has cooperated with well-known software company--Kingdee Soft for ten years, and invested millions to establish a set internal EPR Management system, providing the technical support for the orderly production.


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